Time Structures is an independent research firm providing quantitative and practical information to public policy makers. We help our clients forecast likely outcomes of policy decisions. We evaluate economic impacts and calculate risk while recognizing the complex temporal differences between decision makers, employees and clients.

Founded in 1996, Time Structures was among the first to augment traditional public policy and research methods with temporal field research and modeling tools. Rigorous and impartial findings, normally static, are more accurately true to life when treated dynamically with, for example, proprietary in-put/out-put and autonomous agent models. Policy decisions benefit from this kind of clarification by pointing out otherwise invisible but costly errors.

Understanding the Time Ecology inherent to a policy area, for example, enables policy-makers to improve judgment by seeing, not just the whole situation and all of its parts, but also nested causal relationships and rates of change.

In addition to applied research, we also conduct basic research on time and complex systems (Chronocomplexity™)This work has been funded by a National Science Foundation Grant and by the European Union. Our research has been used to improve supply chain management, disaster response, and various military objectives.

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A policy-maker’s Temporal Signature™, as revealed by methods like the Rappaport Time Line and Cognitive Maps of Time, show patterns of thinking that effect decision-making.

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We are not affiliated with political parties, commercial interests or pressure groups. While we are politically neutral, we do support organizations that promote healthy and sustainable environments.
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